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Kytos Arabia an incredible reliable professional company running business since 25 years.

Abdul Karim H. Al-Sinan & Partner for Trading Company (Kytos Arabia) is a Saudi company established in 1985 as a supplier focused on providing goods and services to the oil and petrochemical industries with the management commitment on utilizing the technology to protect and preserve the environment. Kytos Arabia is a leading supplier of Analytical Instruments for the On-Line Process Analyzers, Laboratory Equipment and general instrumentation. The applications of these instruments extend from product quality control to Environmental Monitoring and Staff Safety. Our scope includes site preparation, installation, commissioning and user training. Our organization is focused on servicing and providing the best application support to our clients. Kytos Arabia is the Exclusive Representative of Thermo-Fisher PID (Onix) for On-line Process Analyzers, Thermo Environmental Instruments for Ambient Air Monitoring, Thermo-Fisher SID (Euroglas & Houston Atlas) for Laboratory Equipment, GASTRON for Gas Detectors, Servomex for Online Process Analyzers and Continuous Emission Monitoring, Icon Scientific for physical properties Analyzers, Shaw Moisture Meters for Moisture Analyzers, Alpha Moisture Systems for Online Moisture Analyzers, Cole Parmer for complete Lab Equipment, Lab furniture's and chemical agents, Tanaka Scientific for Lab Equipment, Circor Instruments for pressure regulators, and Texas Sampling for grab sampling systems and CHROMATOTEC for BTEXAnalyzer. Kytos Arabia has been in Business for more than 25 years serving the Refineries, Petrochemical Companies, Pharmaceutical Industries, Water Desalinations Plants, Power Plants, Universities, Regulatory Agencies and has proven to be a reliable and competitive Supplier.

Our Features

Specialities ...

Process On-Line Analyzers, Physical Property Analyzers, Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Laboratory Analyzers & bench top Instruments, Ambient air monitoring.

Company mission

We focuses on providing applications oriented solutions for customers in the oil industry, petrochemical industries, governmental regulating agencies, universities and research institute, bringing together with its Principles technology for customers, for the specific needs, to enhance profitability and preserve the environment.

Core Competencies

We Specialize in the Distribution, Installation and Service of Analytical Instruments that are used in the Lab, Process, Ambient Air Monitoring and continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS).

Why us??

Leader in process instrumentations, Analytical equipment and Environmental monitoring since 1985. Providing a total solution for customers in Saudi Arabia and the gulf region.


Site Survey, Design and Material Supply, Installation (New Analyzer supply and analyzer Revamping Jobs), Service and Training with factory trained Service Engineers.

Our Services

Environmental Solutions

We provide end to end services and analyzer products for dealing with Environmental Issues arising out of Petro, Oil, Pharma, Power Industries residues, exhausts, effluents, etc that pose a great danger to our environment.

Site Survey

Site surveys can be executed to provide apt user specific unique solutions.

Material Supply

Process On-Line Analyzers, Physical Property Analyzers, Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Laboratory Analyzers & bench top Instruments, Ambient air monitoring.

Customized solutions to...

Oil & Gas Industry, Petrochemical industries, Industrial Gas Manufacturers, Universities & Research institutes.

OnSite Installation

New Analyzer supply and Analyzer Revamping Jobs.

Service and Training

We Specialize in providing onsite Service and Training with factory trained Service Engineers.

Customer Support

Excellent, Flawless, Prompt, Rapid, Seamless, Quick response, User specific.

Undertaking Projects

Onsite Industrial End-To-End Implementations.

and more...

Phone: (+966) 13-350-5200

Fax: (+966) 13-362-4886

Email: sales@sinanakh.com

Phone: (+966) 13-350-5200

Fax: (+966) 13-362-4886

Email: sales@sinanakh.com

Email: sales@sinanakh.com

We are global providers of Analyzers & Industrial Solutions

Our beloved customers in Gulf countries use our products & services.

Meet the Team

Fayez AL Sinan Managing Director Smart Management, Hard Work, Dedication and Passion. Our inspiration for a better future.
Belal Abouzaid Sales Strong bridge between the client and company. Knows how to get the job done by the sales team.
SA Mazeed Service Single point of contact for all the Technical Services carried out by the company.
Talat M Dogan Projects Handles, Executes & Delivers all the Projects.

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Abdul Karim H. Al-Sinan & Partner For Trading Co. (Trading & Contracting).


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  • Address: P O Box 374, Street 114, Third Support Industrial Area, Jubail, Saudi Arabia 35729.
  • Phone: (+966) 13-350-5200
  • Fax: (+966) 13-362-4886
  • Email: sales@sinanakh.com

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