Abdul Karim AL Sinan Hussain Fayez

Managing Director

Loves his work … and embracing the challenges, Clear vision … and communicating this vision, Strong team building skills … and setting positive tones, Structure and alignment … creating the environment and direction, Strong interpersonal skills … listening to and leading his teams, Discipline … completing each phase of the project properly, Communication skills…knowing when and to whom to communicate.

  • Shaping the Work Environment
  • Crafting a strategic vision & Marshalling Resources
  • Developing Star Performers
  • Organizational Bodybuilding & Hard Work
  • Becomes a master of change & Earn our clients trust
  • Build Enthusiasm of the sales team
  • He gets involved and be highly visible to our customers and highly accessible to our sales team
  • Grow and develop the team and Lead people to never-ending improvement